[thelist] Extracting (compressed?) files from a MySQL database

Roel Mulder roel.mulder at gmail.com
Fri May 6 04:47:22 CDT 2016

Hi all,
The following challenge is facing me. A client requested me to help get his
files out of a MySQL database. The developer of their system is gone,
history being what it is.

I'm facing 26268 records with a total 1.8GB filesize in MySQL.
What i did in PHP: query the file_content (MEDIUMBLOB), file_name,
file_date, LIMIT 10.

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
  $file = fopen('/var/www/vhosts/path/'.$row['file_name'], 'w+');
  fwrite($file, $row['file_content']);

This gives me the files (.doc .docx .pdf .msg), however I can't open them
with their default programs. Opening them in a text editor does show code
and fragments of text.
Could the files be compressed prior to storing in MySQL?
  fwrite($file, gzdeflate($row['file_content']));

Now I can open them with their default program, to see many paged documents
with unreadable text fragments.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to extract them files to usable
Cheers, Roel

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