[thelist] [OT] should we use thechat: was... Hello Everybody!

Tara Cleveland tara at taracleveland.com
Mon May 9 11:07:40 CDT 2016


We had no separate chat list for quite a long time and it was only created
once the list was getting dozens of emails a day. We are nowhere near that
level yet. - is there is a problem right now it is a dearth of signal, not
the amount of noise within the signal.  I say we should just keep writing
[OT] in the subject not hiving off to a separate list.

Besides, I always likes the tips! Sometimes they were very useful.

My 2c.


<tip type="cheap-education"> If you are looking for a technical book but
can't afford the outrageous prices, see if your local library had a
subscription to safari books or has the book you are looking for available
online </tip>
On Apr 22, 2016 13:04, "William Anderson" <neuro at well.com> wrote:

Hey all,

great to see people chatting on thelist again after some sporadic
confab a while back.

Can I just remind you all, that thelist is for web development chat,
while thechat is for ... well, anything else ;)

If you take a quick trip to http://lists.evolt.org/ you'll find the
guidelines for thelist, and the subscribe link for thechat.

I don't want to kill off the enthusiasm, but the guidelines were
created for a reason ;)


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