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Luther, Ron (AMS Ops Business Intelligence) ron.luther at hp.com
Wed May 11 14:56:15 CDT 2016

Tara Cleveland noted:

>>> <tip type="cheap-education"> If you are looking for a technical book but can't afford the outrageous prices, see if your local library had a 
>>> subscription to safari books or has the book you are looking for available online </tip> 

Hi Tara!

A number of libraries, (and larger employers), can get you access to Books24x7.com -- which offers quite a nice selection of technical books.


(For non-technical books, check out resources like https://www.gutenberg.org/ or http://www.readanybook.com/ or even http://www.bestfree-book.net/ ... if that's your cup of tea.  I won't mention the online Anime resources since most of those are a bit dodgy.)

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