[thelist] Usability question: home page vs dashboard at same URL

Mattias Thorslund mattias at thorslund.us
Fri Sep 16 09:27:46 CDT 2016

I guess the value of showing the marketing content to "sold" users might be:

* Users can refer to it when recommending the service to someone else.
* Users can refer to it when someone questions the benefit of spending 
money/time/resources on the service.
* Users who want to remind themselves why they are using the service ;)
* Not confusing users who want to do any of the above.

There may be value in making the marketing content difficult to find for 
"sold" users:
* Users cannot compare the promised benefits to those actually received. ;)



On 2016-09-16 15:50, Nadeem Hosenbokus wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm assuming that the marketing on the unauthenticated homepage is to sell
> the service. Once sold, the user wouldn't need to see the marketing anymore.
> Is there any value in the marketing content for someone who has already
> registered?
> Incidentally, wouldn't there still be a "home" link regardless? It would
> link to either the marketing homepage or the dashboard.
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> Subject: [thelist] Usability question: home page vs dashboard at same URL
> I have a project that has a "public home page" containing marketing messages
> and overviews of the site's functionality. There is also a logged in
> dashboard with user generated content.
> I am implementing the design and noting the absence of a link to "home"
> from the logged in page and an absence of any way to get to the dashboard.
> I heard from the UX person on the project that "there won't be a public home
> page if they're signed in".
> Sites like Facebook and Twitter have completely different content at the
> root URL, but there are two major differences I see:
> A. We have a lot more than a login form on the not-logged in home page -
> videos, marketing materials and overviews of services.
> B. We are not Facebook or Twitter
> Is it that big of a deal to make a significant amount of mostly marketing
> material unavailable to users after they have logged in?
> What are your thoughts? If we are going to hide the content what is the best
> way to do it? redirect logged in users to the dashboard from / or replace
> the content of / with the dashboard?
> What would be the best way of explaining the problem I see so if I end up
> being overruled, I'll know I did everything I could?
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