[i18n] American English to British English

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Dec 19 09:23:21 CST 2008

Richard Mahoney wrote:
> Hi guys.
> Not sure if you need the help with it, but I'd like to get involved in any
> conversion of US English to British English.

Regarding main site pages: FAQ, About Us, etc. -- any page that is not 
"owned" by an individual -- I think that we should choose a flavor of 
English and stick with it.  This is for the sake of consistency.  My 
inclination has been to choose *British* English for these reasons:

- The English language originally evolved in England

- I've always understood BBC-style English to be as close to a "primary" 
English as exists; when I lived in Germany, that was the English that 
was taught in schools, and when I wanted to be understood in English, I 
needed to modify my language to sound more like that.

Therefore, it would make sense to me that British English would be the 
most universal English, and that we should use it on our main site.

For *articles* authors have a lot more leeway to work within a localised 
dialect, whatever it may be.

When we translate our interface, we're going to have to make similar 
choices for Spanish and other languages.


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