[Javascript] image control in Netscape

Dave schemer at cyou.com
Tue Dec 11 08:40:51 CST 2001

Hi Scott,
    I have managed to get both scripts working. Did you ever keep typing in the
.jpg extension when you were working with a .gif? That was one problem but the
other ended up being a missing space between the background='+bg+' and the
onBlur="self.close()" . But I have just one more question on something that
maybe you could answer. In the following statement below, what is the purpose of
the "vwd_justso.htm"? When I try to replace it with an html file that I had made
to use as my "viewer" page, it seems to flash for a split second and is then
covered up by my background image. Just curious as its original intended use.
Thanks in advance,
Dave K (in Florida)


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