[Javascript] The best jobs aren't advertised ......

Filipiak, Bob (Contractor) filipiab at atsc.army.mil
Wed Dec 12 12:38:11 CST 2001

I think the filter needs to block allexecs.net. there was another entry in
my Junk Mail Senders list for mike_gardner at allexecs.net this one was for
mike1garderner at allexecs.net

Bob Filipiak
Remtech Services, Inc.

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    Is it just me, or has this guy been actively circumventing our filter?

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From: "Michael Gardner" <mike1gardner at allexecs.net>
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| Hi There!
| It's been a while since I got your resume. I'm not sure if
| you're still on the job market, but here's a little known
| secret to tapping into the most lucrative, yet hidden
| jobs available.

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