[Javascript] Re: [thelist] New Netscape 6 bug

Muchacho, Laurent (TWIi London) LMuchacho at twii.net
Mon Dec 17 06:38:24 CST 2001

Hi All

I did meet a probleme too with netscape 6 
I was loading a function in the body tag with the onload="" and ns6 wasn't
doing anything I did lost a day, before I found what was wrong 
the trick to solve that was to call my function like that

if (bw.ns6&&bw.mac){
ps: that bug was only on ns6 mac 


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>Subject: [thelist] New Netscape 6 bug
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>In our continuing series 'Extremely Obscure Netscape 6 Bugs' we proudly 
>present the display/overflow bug:
>If you try to change the display of an element that is contained in an 
>element with overflow: scroll or auto, Netscape 6 usually makes all 
>elements disappear (though the very first time might work).
>Took me 6 hours to find this one, to the distress of my project manager, so

>I want to report it.

Of course I forgot to add the solution: first change the overflow to visible

or hidden, then change the display, then change back the overflow.


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