[Javascript] Click on link to generate text in a textarea?

Peter Brunone peter at brunone.com
Tue Dec 18 14:32:55 CST 2001

<FORM NAME="mainForm">


<A HREF="javascript:writeText('text1','Extra text')">Click this</A>
<TEXTAREA NAME="text1">Here's some text</TEXTAREA>



function writeText(boxName, newText) {
    // Build the reference to the text box
    var myBox = eval("document.mainForm." + boxName);
    // Concatenate the new text to the end of the current text 
    // (The /n is a carriage return)
    myBox.value = myBox.value + "\n" + newText;



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| Hi all.  Is it possible to write javascript that'll automatically 
| type in text in a <textarea> when you click on the link?  E.g. I have 
| a link called COMPANY_NAME, and when I click on the link I want the 
| text "My Company" to be typed in immediately into the <textarea> box 
| next to that link at the cursor (thus not destroying what's already 
| in the text box).  Thanks for any help!
| David
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