[Javascript] An easy one for the experts :-)

brian at schau.dk brian at schau.dk
Thu Dec 20 09:26:45 CST 2001


I have searched the manuals .. on google .. in archives ... without luck.

Consider this piece of code:

function position(event)
<p><img id="board" width="320" height="320" src="board.gif" style="position:relative;" onClick="position(event)">
<img id="cursor" src="cursor.gif" style="position:absolute">


- whenever a mouse click is detected on board move the cursor to this position.


- although the code works (!) the cursor is misaligned.  That is, it is positioned something like 5 pixels to the left of the click and 5 pixels above the click.    I've tried to use pageXOffset and pageYOffset to adjust the cursor - but I guess they're only good when scrollbars are involved.

How do I solve this?   I know I can set position:absolute et al on the board, but this is not acceptable ...

I'm mainly targeting IE but, if at all possible, would like to see a cross-browser solution :-)

Merry Christmas,


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