[Javascript] Tabbing past the bottom of the window

Bill Marriott bill.marriott at optusnet.com.au
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RE: [Javascript] Tabbing past the bottom of the windowSorry I should have replied earlier.

I rebooted the computer and voila, I can tab and pagedown.
I don't know what caused it to happen.


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  It is kind of hard to determine why pagedown and pageup keys don't work on your forms if you don't provide any code. 

  Bob Filipiak (Contractor) 

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  Hi Everyone, 

  Just a small query about tabbing and scrolling. 
  In a large single page form where you have to scroll down to get to the 
  bottom, is there a way to move down without using the mouse? 

  Page down and the down arrow don't work in my forms. Please does anyone know 



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