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Rodney Myers rodney at aflyingstart.net
Wed Jun 13 09:11:22 CDT 2001

I tried rhh's code too (new to me) and found same thing in Netscape 4.7
In MSIE it opens a full screen window without the title bar and resize/close icons.
I thought that F11 would change it to a default size but it did not.
To close it I had to resort to Alt+F4

BTW the syntax
worked just as well, as the (what to me was) less familiar

I have the feeling that the language terms that users might apply to such a window would not be such
as John Stuart Mill would submit to his publisher.

Personally I am more interested in smaller plain windows of this ilk


Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> rhh wrote:
> >
> > window.open('inicio.htm','inicio','fullscreen=yes','menubar=yes','scrollbars
> > =yes','toolbar=yes','location=yes');
> This doesn't work on NN4.7/Win, at least (doesn't "fullscreen",
> doesn't remove the title bar and decorations) ...
> The original question:
> >    Is it possible to get rid of the top part of a window, the part with the
> > minimize and X buttons? If it is possible could you please explain how.
> Rodney Myers <rodney at aflyingstart.net> quotes:
> > In the Wrox "Professional Javascript" book there is a note in Ch5  'Windows and Frames' on page
> > 163
> >
> > "The title bar and its close and resize icons are added by the computer's operating system, not
> > the browser, and aren't visible inside JavaScript. You're stuck with them, unless you create an
> > ActiveX control that specifically removes them"
> ... which is correct. (More precisely, it's the window manager that
> adds those items, an academic point with Windoze, more significant
> in the Unix/Linux/X11 world - and ActiveX is Win-specific.)
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