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** Get your resume to 1.5 million hiring managers now **

While U.S. unemployment rates are at the highest level we've seen 
since 1997, there are still MILLIONS OF HIGH-QUALITY JOBS listed 
on Internet career sites.

These sites are are searched daily by 1.5 million employers and
recruiters looking to fill current positions. To tap into these
jobs and be available to all these hiring managers, you should 
post your resume on ALL the major Internet career websites.

There's a service called ResumeRabbit.com that will instantly 
post your resume on 75+ career sites, using a single online form.
It takes about 15 minutes. Just go to http://www.resumerabbit.com

When you're finished you'll be get posted to all the major sites 
like Monster, Headhunter, Hot Jobs, Dice, USJobBoard and more. 
Not only will you save yourself over 60 hours of research and data
entry - but you'll dramatically increase your job opportunities.

Check out http://www.resumerabbit.com

With the highest unemployment rates since 1997, you'll need to 
work smarter than others in the job market. Let ResumeRabbit.com 
multiply your chances of landing the perfect job!

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