[Javascript] UNSUB: For those who signed up via Yahoo groups...

David Merchant merchant at LATECH.EDU
Wed Jan 16 15:08:50 CST 2002

A few people who are having trouble unsubscribing have a common 
denominator: they signed up to this list via Yahoo groups.

Once upon a time the JavaScript list was mirrored onto e-Groups. The list 
wasn't hosted on e-Groups, just merely mirrored. Then Yahoo bought 
e-Groups, and that's where the real fun begins. I had enough problems with 
e-groups getting list information correct, it's been impossible with Yahoo 
groups. I can't get them to do anything. They apparently don't really read 
their email as their responses have little to do with the problem. I can't 
even log in to the JavaScript list's page on Yahoo Groups.

If you subscribed to the list via Yahoo groups (you'll see a 
javascript at yahoo in your headers) you are going to have to unsubscribe 
through them as well. Unfortunately, I can't help you on this. Not yet. 
I'll keep trying to get a real response from them to my repeated questions. 
It's a new year, maybe things will be different and I'll get a real response.


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