[Javascript] Approved method of "bugging out"

Chris Tifer christ at saeweb.com
Tue Aug 5 07:33:12 CDT 2003

It would be much better to handle authentication on the server-side
since the user could just as easily disable javascript to bypass this

Chris Tifer

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>   I am trying to harden a number of pre-existing pages by embedding a
script in the onLoad handler (or maybe even earlier in the process tree)
that will check the authentication info for the incoming user, and then
unconditionally blow the window/browser
> back out if the authorization is not validated.  The first part is easy,
and I've already got a handle on it.
>   The second part appears to be more troublesome, particularly with IE
browsers.  I've tried "self.window.close()" and a number of close analogs,
and in every case it brings up a nice little window saying "the process
wants to close the window, is this
> OK?"  Of course, a cracker will say "no", and continue happily raping the
application.  I
> want the equivalent of dynamite for the fishpond, that will abort the
browser altogether without any dialogue, thereby ensuring that no passive
authentication threads remain active and that no history can lead back to
the page(s) in question.
>   Yes, I know how to nuke the history list.  However, I don't like to do
this out-of-hand, since the user may have legitimate URLs stacked up in it
which should be preserved.  Also, I can simply redirect the
window.location.href to somewhere innocuous,
> but that still leaves the initial authentication thread active, and can be
"backed" by the history list.  No, only unconditional dynamite will serve.
>   Anybody have any ideas?  I need to get this script bundle out the door
ASAP for a product demo at the end of this upcoming week.
> -- Dave Lovering
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