[Javascript] Heavy usage of ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") hangs IE?

Hakan M. hakan at backbase.com
Fri Nov 28 10:35:30 CST 2003

Greetings people.

In a rather heavy web application, we are using the ActiveX object 
"Microsoft.XMLHTTP" to include (a *lot* of) XML files. The problem is, 
we are now experiencing crashes (or more "freezes") on all IE versions. 
IE5.0 and IE5.5 are most crash prone (70-80% of the loads stop) and IE6 
is nice enough to work at leat 50% of the time.

If I wait it out (and we're talking about 3-5 minutes of complete freeze 
state for iexplore.exe) IE will eventually fire an alert saying it 
didn't find the file, and then make a complete halt. IE might not find 
the file, but it's there alright. When reloading, and waiting for a few 
minutes again, IE claims another file is missing.

Now I don't think anybody on this list have missed my warm (rather 
boiling) feelings for IE, but I really don't want to think that it can't 
handle these HTTP-requests. My browser-of-heart, Mozilla, won't complain 
no matter how many XML-files I throw at it. Of course, we are using 
XMLHttpRequest and DOMParser on Mozilla, so it's not even close to the 
same thing.

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