[Javascript] object that floats over frames

Peter Brunone peter at brunone.com
Fri Jan 23 14:01:41 CST 2004

    What if you control their size and position with CSS?  Just set the
relevant attributes equal to percentages of the browser dimensions, and
you should be covered.

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IFRAMEs don't always serve the same purpose as frames.

Sometimes people use FRAMEs so that some information is always in the
same spot on the screen. That's not the case with IFRAMEs

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From: Vlad Lepadatu 

what about using iframes instead of frames? just make a nice table and
insert them in.

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From: Dan Costea 

unfortunately, I can't apply these solutions because I already have
implemented over 300 dialogs (web pages) and I need a general solution
for all of them. I can write a js function that I'm sure it is called on
"onload" event of all frames and in this function I have to dynamicaly
insert the logo, such way that it will be displayed in the top-left
corner of each dialog.

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From: Tim Makins 

A bit of lateral thinking:

How about creating your 'frameset' in CSS, and then you can float
whatever you want on top, in the same window.

Another idea - if your floating logo must sit over, for instance, two
frames, then slice the logo in two, and float half over one frame and
the other half over the other frame, using absolute positioning.

Alternatively, move your logo so it only covers one frame. Or make the
logo smaller.

Tim in Ireland.

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