[Javascript] Show full text in pop up window

flavio flavio at economisa.com.br
Thu Mar 18 12:39:30 CST 2004


Maybe you don't need to show it on a new window..

 <a href="#" title="This is the book Title"> This is the... </a>

and when the person hover the mouse the full title is shown as a tooltip.

But if you want to do it, try something like this:


oFullTitle = window.open('','fullTitle',"width=400, height=40");

oFullTitle.document.write('<h2>Your Full Title Here</h2>');

Hope to help,

Flavio Gomes
flavio at economisa.com.br

Citando Samyukta Akunuru <samyuktaakunuru at yahoo.com>:

> Hi,
> I would like to implement a pop up in my page.On clicking the link to
> generate the pop up, the pop up should have the full text of the content.how
> do i do this...
> currently i have a page/form with table and rows in it.
> the 'book title' is what i am talking about.as the title is large, i cnat
> display the whole title in the table.so i want to show only the first 10
> characters and dots.on clicking this text, a pop up should come up showing
> the whole text in the wndow (pop up window) that opens up...
> Thanks in advance!1!!
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