[Javascript] Show full text in pop up window

Roberts, Mark (Tulsa) Mark.Roberts at Williams.com
Thu Mar 18 13:22:09 CST 2004

You may want to consider other alternatives. Many people now have pop-up
blockers and I think that in the near future most people will have them.
I personally don't allow any pop-ups on my computer. I may miss a few
things,  but not the aggravation.
Mark Roberts 
Sr. Systems Analyst 
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Subject: [Javascript] Show full text in pop up window
I would like to implement a pop up in my page.On clicking the link to
generate the pop up, the pop up should have the full text of the
content.how do i do this...
currently i have a page/form with table and rows in it.
the 'book title' is what i am talking about.as the title is large, i
cnat display the whole title in the table.so i want to show only the
first 10 characters and dots.on clicking this text, a pop up should come
up showing the whole text in the wndow (pop up window) that opens up...
Thanks in advance!1!!
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