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            I am working on jsp's and have an issue in uploading files. I am
allowed to upload at the max of 20MB on the server, but the issue is often
user ignores the message and tries to upload more than 20MB. The request
goes to the server and the server then throws an error message. This process
however takes some time to get executed. I would like to have a client side
validation done for the size of the file. To do this I cannot use ActiveX
objects as the business requirements strictly restricts use of ActiveX
Objects. The other option is to use the following code :


                                                var fileObj =

                                                var myFile = new


alert('myFile length: ' + myFile.getLength());


            Using the above code produces the following javascript error
"'File' is undefined". Please suggest how to bail out of this error or an
alternate method of achieving the purpose.

            Thanx in advance.

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