[Javascript] Permissions-Help needed

SkyScanner skyscanner at eircom.net
Thu Sep 8 06:20:38 CDT 2005

Is there anyone who can advise on permissions, or suggest a work-around ?

This page is being run on a local machine with an Apache/PHP/MySQL
installation, eventually to move on to the web.

On the page is a frameset with upper frame 'a' and lower frame 'b'.

Lower frame 'b' also contains a frameset, dividing it into upper frame 'c'
and lower frame 'd'.

In frame 'd', is an html page with a form who's action is to call a .php
page into the same frame. The .php page queries a database and returns some
data. All is OK so far.

On the php page is a button whose action is to call a javascript function in
frame 'a', at the top of the page. When I click it, I get permission denied.

I have had problems with iFrame permissions before, but this is just a
standard frame.

There is no question of different hosts being used, so I don't understand
why my .php page would be blocked from accessing other functions in the

Any ideas?

Tim in Ireland.

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