[Javascript] My old client-only start page.

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Thanks Shawn this is very cool of you... If I update it I will def. send it back to you... I love the idea for SURE!  You are truly a JavaScript wiz.

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Holy crap, I found it! I'm going to pass it around, and I hope you guys like it. I uploaded it to my site. There are no includes or anything -- you have only to view-source to get everything.

There is some code in there I'm very proud of and some I'm not so proud of. One of my favorite things is the time zone stuff I created -- all original work. You'll understand when you see the page. I also like all the calendar stuff I did. I'm not proud of the table-based layout, but I did this a long time ago. You will see evidence of me going in at some point and trying to make it XHTML, but I don't think I ever finished. 

In addition to the stuff I told you earlier, there are two SELECT objects where I threw a bunch of miscellaneous, sort of reference-type links. I did this after my list grew way too huge and I had to clean up the real estate. 
This was my personal playground and constant work-in-progress, so please don't judge it too harshly. I haven't played with it in a long time.

Enjoy the code!



On 2/17/06, Paul Novitski <paul at novitskisoftware.com> wrote:
At 08:53 AM 2/17/2006, Shawn Milo wrote:
>I want a page of my personal bookmarks which automatically sorts by
>frequency of use.

Sounds like a nice utility; I'm interested.  How did you persistently
store total page-requests using JavaScript?  Like you, I think I'd
rather do this server-side, but the client-side problem is intriguing.


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