[Javascript] Changing a Combobox content

Henrique Rennó henrique.renno at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 14:57:33 CDT 2006


I did a map over an image and every time I click on a mapped point it
changes the content of a combobox (select). It works fine on firefox but
internet explorer clears the combo's content every time a mapped point is
clicked. Is it a problem that can be solved?

This is what I did:

A function to change the combo's value:

function change(newvalue)
	document.form_name.select_name.value = newvalue;

HTML code:

<form ... name='form_name' ...>
<select name='select_name'>

<img ... usemap='#map_name'>

<map name='map_name'>
<area ... onclick='change("newvalue")'>

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