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tedd tedd at sperling.com
Mon Jan 1 17:31:21 CST 2007

At 11:06 PM +0000 1/1/07, David Dorward wrote:
>On Mon, Jan 01, 2007 at 04:21:23PM -0500, tedd wrote:
>>  Does this technique work to detect your browser's javascript setting?
>>  PS: I know that there are easier ways to detect js and tell the user
>>  what their javascript settings are, but this technique also tells the
>>  server.  :-)
>Design with progressive enhancement in mind, and the server shouldn't
>need to care.
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I thank you for your review, but I ~am~ designing with progressive 
enhancement in mind.I do know what it is.

Please realize that there is nothing in progressive enhancement that 
prohibits the server from knowing what's going on. Progressive 
enhancement simply means that the 
application/web-site/feature/what-ever will work without the 
enhancement, right?

So, if I look to the server for things to enhance the users 
experience, but not make those enhancements required, then the server 
can also be a tool for us to consider in web development. That is 
what I am doing.



PS: What OS and Browser are you using?
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