[Javascript] Strange margins with scriptaculous

Frank Arensmeier frank.arensmeier at nikehydraulics.se
Mon Jan 8 15:18:48 CST 2007

CLAI - thats what I ment. Weird, because Explorer (6 at least) does  
not seem to suffer from this problem. I think there must be a way to  
cancel an slide down effect. I read somewhere about the  
function .cancel(). I tried to assign the slide down effect like
myEffect = new Effect.SlideDown(divId, {duration:1});

When hitting the show/hide image again I have a myEffect.cancel(); in  
my java script. But this does not seem to have the desired effect  
(=cancel and unset the current effect object).

I will get back when I have a solution.


8 jan 2007 kl. 18.31 skrev Aaron Bassett:

> Just to let you know on FF2 win 2k it fails the CLAI (Click Like An  
> Idiot) test.
> Any kind of rapid clicking (even a double click) breaks it, the  
> content expands but the container doesn't, neither does the item  
> below it move so you get a weird overlap.
> On 1/8/07, tedd <tedd at sperling.com> wrote:
> At 11:34 AM +0100 1/8/07, Frank Arensmeier wrote:
> >
> ><http://www.nikehydraulics.se/downloads/leaflets_gb.php> http:// 
> www.nikehydraulics.se/downloads/leaflets_gb.php
> >
> >Click on one of the categories e.g. "Automotive tools". When the div
> >slides down, it has a really annoying margin at the bottom (the
> >larger the content, the larger the bottom margin). When the div is
> >expanded, the divs below are pushed into the correct positions.  I
> >might also say that I have noticed this behavior in Safari 2.0.4,
> >Firefox 2 and Opera 9.02 (all Mac versions). MS Explorer 6 on PC
> >works as aspected.
> >
> >Besides that, when "canceling" an effect by hitting the show/hide
> >triangle once more, Safari (at least) will not push the divs below
> >to the proper positions. Instead, divs below will overlap with the
> >expanded div.
> >Any ideas? I was not able to get any hints on the scriptaculous site.
> >
> >/frank
> frank:
> I run Mac OS 10.4.8 / Safari 2.0.4 and I don't see the problem you
> describe -- works good for me. But, you might check validation. Home
> is OK, but some of the other pages fail.
> tedd
> PS: Awesome site -- great work!
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