[Javascript] Iframe: load same URL using JS

Rees, Mark Mark.Rees at astrazeneca.com
Wed Feb 25 10:44:53 CST 2009


This doesn't work, and it doesn't work in HTML either. A single iframe is created OK but it is empty.

I suppose there is some security feature in browsers to stop infinite page loads? The thing is I only wish to do it once (as the code below shows). Just curious as to what is stopping it working.

function addIframe(){
	//reloads the same page in an iframe
		var iFrame=document.createElement('iframe');
		//for some reason you cannot reload the same page in the parent


function checkIframe(){
	//checks whether there is already an iframe
		alert('i am the parent page');

		//this never runs
		alert('i am the child page');




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