[Theforum] Re: Charter Gaps

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Oct 23 18:35:08 CDT 2001

i feel stupid asking this, since i oughtta know, having been around at the
time... did we or did we not already submit an application to incorporate
an organization in the state of wisconsin?  (tax status, as dan pointed
out, would come later)

if so, let's start from that point -- assume we have an organization, and
assume it has a board and some bylaws already, the ones that were submitted
along with that application

my understanding of what this list is for is to get consensus from the
general evolt membership -- i.e. those people subscribed to any of our
lists who took the time and have the interest to participate on this
list -- to set our future direction

i don't think a critique of the way the board is currently structured or
the wording of the bylaws is where we should start off

i think we need to start by trying to establish some common ground for
general agreement -- e.g. that this is an internet organization, with
certain values (which it might be beneficial to restate), and we want to
accomplish certain things for our members, et cetera

we need to stop looking at the process of how we arrive at decisions, and
start thinking about what sorts of things we need to make decisions
about -- like our future direction

i don't want us to end up like the hwg


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