[Theforum] Framing the House?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Thu Oct 25 08:04:29 CDT 2001

Hi Gang, 

Fun discussions!  Can we start categorizing some of those
duties/responsibilities/"things whut need to gets done"?

I'm thinking that a task list might lend itself to consolidation into
logical units -- then we have our 'officers' / 'standing committees' /
'departments' -- whatever we want to call them.  {e.g. kind of a "form
will follow ... once we understand function" kind of thing}

I'm hearing possible needs for things like:

** technical committee ... boxen tuning, chairing/directing codefest
type activities, "ruling" on technical suggestions / methods for

** correspondence committee ... handle email inbox, "escalate (wtf would
THAT mean?)" significant issues/opportunities, update FAQ list, etc.

** fundraising/finance ... [even NFPs need a budget!], bake sale, floppy
wash, t-shirts, begging for corporate donations, writing letters/filling
out forms to philanthropic foundations, etc.  {"evolt - brought to you
by Pillsbury and a generous grant from the Chester C. Chester foundation
... and by coders like YOU!"}   ;-)

** ... and other junk I may have forgotton or missed.

There may also be an odd need for non-standing committee work to address
things like stylistic issues that may arise from time to time.

Whatcha think?


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