[Theforum] survey 'second' draft

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Mon Nov 5 18:13:52 CST 2001

piping in here

How did you hear about evolt?
* Another member	RB
* Another website	RB	Care to tell us who?     TA
* A Google search	RB
* Just surfed my way in	RB

--> Should we say "search engine" instead of singling out Google?

(A) I recommend evolt to my web-developer friends because ...
* Because of the outstanding signal-to-noise ratio on "thelist".
* Because the incredible breadth of experience available to be 
tapped into on thelist make it an extremely valuable resource

--> because of the articles
--> because of the backend discussions
--> because of the javascript discussions
--> because of the php discussions
(others like db, CF, etc)
--> because of the browser archive

Basically, I think two answers are a little short

(B) I DO NOT recommend evolt to my web-developer friends because ...
* If they knew where I was getting my info, I wouldn't be "the star" 
in the office anymore.
* Evolt IS my "web developer friends".

--> again, I'm a little hesitant on just two answers, how about adding

* not enough/right kind of information
* they know about it already/introduced it to me
* too much noise
* too much information

(we gotta give folks a full range of answers if we really want usefull
information, otherwise the survey looks like we're pimping for smoke up
our butts)

Please use the following tables to rate your current level of
"web-expertise" ...
... in processing languages

Visual Interdev

--> not a language, it's an IDE, and you write ASP (primarily) in it, so
it's a little redundant (I'd pull it)

... in misc


--> I'd say "security" or SSL

I'm learning web technologies ... (Check all that apply)
* In order to pass my classes in school		CB
* To BS at Beervolts				CB

--> again, I'm not hip on just two answers:
* because it's my job
* because I'm an information whore
* because I want to keep up with my son/mom/kid down the street

I mostly build ...
* Internet Sites		RB
* Intranet Sites		RB

--> * databases for web sites
* backend logic/components
* comps
* design docs to hand off to the real coders
* relationships
* brick shit-houses

2 cents (finally!)


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