[Theforum] survey purpose, and connecting haves with havenots

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 7 11:34:46 CST 2001

I think our mission for this survey is to try to gauge where our community
sits in a couple different areas.

its pretty expansive and hard to nail down to be honest.. i think thats
because this is the first time we've ever really done something like this
in our three years. the gauge we would've used 2 years ago for this kind
of thing wouldve been a lot 'smaller' if that makes sense. because of our
size now and what we're trying to find out with our 'first contact' with
the community, again - its hard to pin down :)

basically, lets gauge where the community sits to see what *we* can do
better and where to focus this groups collective time and energy.

sound ok?


On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, spinhead wrote:

> What our mission statement for the survey? General info? Roll call? Link up
> students with teachers? If we have multiple goals, should there be multiple
> surveys?
> re: the idea of hooking folks up with resources for topics they're
> interested in learning about, how tough is it going to be to echo a list
> articles/sites/books/whatever? What are the chances we'll eventually get
> into structured training as opposed to ad hoc?
> The havenots could be linked up with all kinds of meaningful info, which, in
> itself, would be a huge reward for taking the survey. Then it could be
> perceived as a 'self-help' tool instead of an invasion of privacy, or 'doing
> evolt a favor.'

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