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Madhu, this is exactly the kind of stuff I'd love to see more of, but when
it comes to design, I'm so ignerrunt I don't even know what QUESTIONS to
ask. This list will give me a place to start (if I EVER design a public site

Re: your comments on format for critique requests: it might not be
enforceable by thelist, but if I specifically request comments on my
JavaScript but not the design and someone tells me how ugly the colors are,
I can chastise them myself because they broke the rules. We've always been a
self-policing group, but we can't assume that we all know what the rules are
unless they're properly codified and disseminated.


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> I'd like to see more people asking (and answering) questions on:
> 1) Layout
> 2) Colour schemes
> 3) Typography
> 4) Information architecture
> 5) Usability
> 6) Site strategy
> 7) Web marketing
> 8) Content development (do you realise how few discussions we've had on
> copy used on a site? I'd love to discuss this, being a writer myself)
> 9) Production techniques and processes (naming conventions to Photoshop
> tips to site maintenance included)
> 10) Interface design
> 11) Dealing with clients
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