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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
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At 11:24 PM 11/7/2001, you wrote:
>Madhu, this is exactly the kind of stuff I'd love to see more of, but when
>it comes to design, I'm so ignerrunt I don't even know what QUESTIONS to
>ask. This list will give me a place to start (if I EVER design a public site


Like I said earlier, *everyone* was a newbie at some stage. I didn't pop 
out of my mum's womb with writing skills in me. :)

Heck, I used to do stupid things like underline text 7-8 years back. Now I 
know better (in case you're wondering, it destroys readability by making 
the word appear rectangular - and people make out words by the shape of the 

Watch for the next time someone makes a remark like "the brown and hot pink 
colours don't go well on the [xyz] site". Then see if you agree with them. 
If you don't, ask a question like "but why don't those colours work? I 
think they're cool". At this point, someone will probably explain a bit 
about colour theory and what different colours symbolise. They may even 
point you to a site with a tutorial on the topic. Now you know a bit more. 
Rinse, repeat till you reach desired level of expertise.

And to help you on your journey, visit: 

Download the presentation and go through it. Some of the graphic design 
fundamentals are explained well.



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