[Theforum] survey draft 3

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Nov 7 13:39:24 CST 2001

| http://members.evolt.org/djc/evolt/surveydraft.html

Some thoughts ...

Intro paragraphs:

"Please take the time to complete this survey honestly and completely."

Too many "complete" 's in there.. lol  Someone have better ideas?

"We can't promise that your comments and suggestions will change the world
or even be incorporated into evolt by next weekend. We CAN promise that your
answers will be read by real live people, discussed, debated, and given at
least as much consideration as you have taken in providing your answers!"

Let's indicate exactly WHO will be reviewing the survey results, please.  I
don't know that this has been decided... some possible options include:

(a) anyone else that has taken the survey
(b) admin only (I personally strongly object to this)
(c) anyone on theforum list
(d) a subset of theforum list will look after compiliing the results and
making recommendations to theforum, Admin, and thesite, as appropriate, but
anyone (i.e. all survey respondents, or all thefourm members) can view

"Your response to this survey will be given complete confidentiality. You
will not receive any spam from filling our this questionnaire. You will not
get any phone calls or nasty email. You can be as honest and open as you
care to be. Promise!"

I'm not sure "complete confidentiality" is the correct term to use here,
depending on the above decision on who can view the results.  Unless its a
closed group of people, I'm not comfortable with the above.  Anyone have any
ideas on better wording?

"If you WANT a call or an email in response to an issue or a comment you
raise - hey, we can handle that too! Include your phone number or email
address in one of the many text areas in this survey and say 'Contact Me
about xxxxxxxx'. We will. Promise!"

Be careful with this .. who's going to be making the phone calls?  I'd
prefer it be kept to email only.  If someone wants a phone call, that can be
pursued later.  Let's not promise to do something that's unreasonable.  I
don't think anyone wants the expense of long distance phone calls. ;)


"3. What part of evolt.org do you use the most?
 www.evolt.org - articles, how-to, content
 lists.evolt.org - mailing lists, tips, archives
 browsers.evolt.org - browser archive
 directory.evolt.org - web related links
 members.evolt.org - member hosting, development
 equal utilization"

Any change this can be a rated question.  i.e. rating of five, with one
being the most used, five being the least used?

"4. How long have you been involved with evolt.org?
 I've never registered "

Registered for what?  Keep in mind many people have mentioned in the past
that they were a member of evolt.org, but perhaps only of one part of it,
i.e. weo, thelist, meo account.  Being registered means too many different
things to different people (even among ourselves).  I'd suggest just
deleting that one option from the question, and leave it more general.


"2. How often to you read the www.evolt.org site?"

Can we add "When the Headline notice goes to thelist?" indicating new
content has been posted?

"4. The categories I'm most interested in are (Check all that apply)

Minus FAQ?


"3. How would you rate the quality of the evolt.org mailing list you're
subscribed to?"

Can this be for just thelist, specifically?  (Or is it possible to add which
list the person is filling the question out for, and if they are subbed to
more than one list, they can fill the question out the appropriate number of

Nothing on leo, wrt participation... tho its sort of covered under no. 5 in

That's all for me ...


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