[Theforum] survey draft 3

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 7 15:34:23 CST 2001

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Michele Foster wrote:

> Let's indicate exactly WHO will be reviewing the survey results, please.  I
> don't know that this has been decided... some possible options include:

people are discussing haveing a small group of people actually reviewing
the hardcore data, i dont think we have all the details worked out yet
> "Your response to this survey will be given complete confidentiality. You
> I'm not sure "complete confidentiality" is the correct term to use here,

how about '.. will be not be used in an in-appropriate manner(sold to
marketers, spam, public viewing, etc)' or something like that?

> Be careful with this .. who's going to be making the phone calls?  I'd

ya, reworded it.

> General:
> "3. What part of evolt.org do you use the most?
>  www.evolt.org - articles, how-to, content
>  lists.evolt.org - mailing lists, tips, archives
>  browsers.evolt.org - browser archive
>  directory.evolt.org - web related links
>  members.evolt.org - member hosting, development
>  equal utilization"
> Any change this can be a rated question.  i.e. rating of five, with one
> being the most used, five being the least used?

ohhh, then its like choosing between saphire and beefeater gin! i love
them *both* and don't think i could choose a favorite :) 
> "4. How long have you been involved with evolt.org?
>  I've never registered "
> Registered for what?  Keep in mind many people have mentioned in the past

ya, i didn't know how to phrase that. how to we convey 'involvment' in
absolute terms?

> weo:
> "2. How often to you read the www.evolt.org site?"
> Can we add "When the Headline notice goes to thelist?" indicating new
> content has been posted?

i think this should go in a different question maybe.. like 'what brings
you to the evolt.org site most often' it doesn't seem to fit in the
context with 'often, never' etc..

> Can this be for just thelist, specifically?  (Or is it possible to add which
> list the person is filling the question out for, and if they are subbed to
> more than one list, they can fill the question out the appropriate number of
> times?)

someone else mentioned this, and ya, that'll pobably happen

> That's all for me ...

thanks for the feedback! :)


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