[Theforum] Re: [thesite] Re: Propoganda FAQ....

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 7 15:54:03 CST 2001

thats pretty much it.. letting the web know about cool shit we're doing 
here.. example: our third birthday is coming up, and our community is 
thriving more now than ever. i think it would be cool to have something 
to send to some sites basically saying, "evolt.org turns three blah 
blah.. compared to better funded(or funded period!) community sites that 
have been falling by the wayside - especially in the last year - what 
has evolt.org been doing right"

or something like that. editorialists eat that stuff up.. how david(us) 
came out ahead of highly publisized, highly financed, and highly hyped 

as rudy said, dave mcc has laid claim to the title since about day 8, 
but evolt advocacy really isn't about anyone applying for the job, just 
doing it :)

at any rate, i think it would be tres cool to start activley doing this 
stuff again. our third birthday is an awesome place to start that.

and this should probably get moved off this list :)


spinhead wrote:

> If a Minister of Propaganda would be the person who leads newbies thru
> evolt's coolness, acquainting them with all the obvious and not-so-obvious
> features, making them feel welcome and helping them over the rough spots;
> and would also be the person who helps outsiders (prospective members?) see
> why evolt is good for them, good for the web, good for the world; kind of a
> really geeky WalMart greeter*, then I'd love to submit my resume for the
> position, if it ever exists ;)

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