[Theforum] survey draft 3

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 7 17:14:49 CST 2001

> http://members.evolt.org/djc/evolt/surveydraft.html
> basically draft 2 + ron's community stuff.
> (anything that should be updated on that ron?)
> sorry i haven't gotten to everyones individual improvements, still working
> my way through all of them :)

ah ok. here are the ones of mine (most of which haven't been included yet):


general section:

in q3, change "equal utilization" to "i use all equally" or "equal usage"
(trying to avoid US-centric spelling)

as has been suggested in the past, get q6 out of there. it's a huge jump to
go from "rate your involvement" to "want to buy our stuff?"...

www.evolt.org section:

re q2 - perhaps add option for "i only visit it when the headline mailer
goes to thelist" (obviously reworded)

re q5/6, apply matt's suggestions.

re q7, i think that 7a can still apply if they say yes to 7. i.e., has
anything stopped you from submitting MORE articles, etc.

lists.evolt.org section:

q2 needs to apply to each of the lists they've checked. perhaps combine q1
and q2?

consider adding something about quality of responses or range of topics.

members.evolt.org section:
q2 - i don't mind having price in there. it's a checkbox after all. i don't
expect anyone to not check it however. :p

add a community section. add q's about #evolt, codefests, beervolts (couple
of vague q's here: http://dev.triplezero.com.au/survey/)


are you aware of its existence?
if not, would you appreciate a page explaining its purpose and how to get
if so, do you use it?
- yes
- no
- i would if there were more people there (i.e., i never go there cos i only
ever find a bot of some description).

do you know what a codefest is?
ever participated in one?
 - in person
 - via IRC/email
 - no
if not, would you be interested in knowing more in the future?

do you know what a beervolt is?
have you initiated one?
attended one?
 - yes
 - no
 - wanted to in the past, but circumsstances prevented attendance
 - i hope to in the future
would you appreciate a guide to hosting/initiating a beervolt?

general community:
are you interested in finding out which evolters live and work near you?
are you interested in finding out more about what other evolters are up to?
(i.e., community news).


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