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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Nov 8 00:20:30 CST 2001

Hi Isaac,

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From: "isaac" <isaac at members.evolt.org>

| how many people have used it? do we have any idea?


338 downloads according to the above.

I'd also like the survey to act as a "promotion" of all things evolt.  i.e.
Asking how many knew it even exists is a great idea.  Another angle I'd like
to gauge, if we can, is how many have come to evolt.org because of our
contribution on sourceforge.  I'd be especially interested to know how many
of thesite list members are there because of the CMS; however, that's
probably getting too indepth.

I'd like to have a general question:

Did you know evolt.org has released its custom-built CMS used as the backend
to the web site, which is available for download at sourceforge (link to


If yes, have you downloaded it?


Do you have any comments with respect to the CMS? (Is the code
well-commented? Are you using the code for a live web site? What can be done
to improve this product?, Are you participating on thesite mailing list
(link) which is where all CMS conversations take place?, etc.)


| if we can find out who is using the code, we should survey them
| independently.

I'd like to see this .. perhaps we should ask the above if they want to be
on thesite mailing list, or perhaps thesite mailing list is too much for
most people to want to participate in, and they would be more comfortable
receiving notification when a new version is posted to sourceforge.


| > Comments, criticisms, etc. on the existing FAQ's .. do people know where
| > they are?  Are there other FAQ's that should be written, what topics?
| +1

Under weo I guess ??  or  more Community ?

Any ideas how we should word these questions specifically?



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