[Theforum] Couple Additional Questions

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 8 07:46:57 CST 2001

This is in the code FAQ?  The Perl tip harvester was there since the
beginning.  It was because a couple of people asked for the code that
we created the FAQ, I believe.  It's the old standalone version (w/o
database) of the code that I am not maintaining anymore.

I'll remove the CF tip harvester link.  It doesn't make sense anymore.
I totally misunderstood what Seth was doing for that.  It's still all
Perl.  (I don't include the admin interface.)


Michele Foster writes:

> Also, along the same vein use/implementation of the NN6/Moz sidebar,
> rdf and xml feeds, perl tip harvester (when did that get added??).
> (Speaking of which, Dean, should probably delete CF Tip Harvester -
> Available soon, and replace with PHP???  Should speak to Russ and
> Jeremy about this??)

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