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<random snipping in effect .. maintaining only what I'm replying too>

| as has been suggested in the past, get q6 out of there. it's a huge jump
| go from "rate your involvement" to "want to buy our stuff?"...

I'd like to keep this in there.  Once tagwear is in a position to actually
roll .. it is my understanding that items will be pre-ordered, in order to
get the best price (we're not doing one-offs, based on orders, rather
guestimates and ordering blocks of items as required).  If the community
response is next to nil, that's important to know, and vice versa.  However,
I don't have a problem moving this question to the "community" section.

| www.evolt.org section:
| re q7, i think that 7a can still apply if they say yes to 7. i.e., has
| anything stopped you from submitting MORE articles, etc.

Good point.  How about adding a 7b,

If yes, has anything stopped you from submitting more articles?
{CB}  Lack of interest in my previous articles (no ratings/no comments)
{CB}  Not enough time
{CB}  Lack of recognition/award
{CB}  I don't know what else to write about

(or other options??)

| lists.evolt.org section:
| q2 needs to apply to each of the lists they've checked. perhaps combine q1
| and q2?

+1 said the same thing myself.

 consider adding something about quality of responses or range of topics.

+1 absolutely .. but with specific reference to thelist.

| members.evolt.org section:
| q2 - i don't mind having price in there. it's a checkbox after all. i
| expect anyone to not check it however. :p

tough call ... I'm happy without it.

| add a community section. add q's about #evolt, codefests, beervolts
| of vague q's here: http://dev.triplezero.com.au/survey/)
| #evolt:
| are you aware of its existence?
| if not, would you appreciate a page explaining its purpose and how to get
| there?
| if so, do you use it?
| - yes
| - no
| - i would if there were more people there (i.e., i never go there cos i
| ever find a bot of some description).

Let's not get too granular.  Awareness and use are all that's important,

(On another topic .. this "should" be somewhere .. but where?  Doesn't
really rate its own  FAQ and there aren't any existing FAQs (yet) that this
would fit into.  How about a link off leo?  Other suggestions??)

| codefest:
| do you know what a codefest is?
| ever participated in one?
|  - in person
|  - via IRC/email
|  - no
| if not, would you be interested in knowing more in the future?

-1 .. not necessary at this time.  CodeFest is a direct spin-off from
thesite.  I'd prefer not to separate it in any way.  However, if/when the
community cat. is created, I'll prepare one article summarizing the codefest
details on my pages: http://members.evolt.org/Mishka/CodeFest_2001/

| beervolt:
| do you know what a beervolt is?
| have you initiated one?
| attended one?
|  - yes
|  - no
|  - wanted to in the past, but circumsstances prevented attendance
|  - i hope to in the future
| would you appreciate a guide to hosting/initiating a beervolt?

The only relevant questions above, imho, are attendance related.

btw, what's a guide to hosting/initiating a beervolt??  Not at all sure what
you are suggesting here.  Isn't it rather simple, pick a place, date, invite
anyone that wants to attend, sit around and get drunk, make up new gang
signs? ;)

| general community:
| are you interested in finding out which evolters live and work near you?
| are you interested in finding out more about what other evolters are up
| (i.e., community news).

Don't have a problem with these .. but not sure how important they are.

My two cents,


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