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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 8 16:36:53 CST 2001

> versa.  However,
> I don't have a problem moving this question to the "community" section.

That was my suggestion.

> Good point.  How about adding a 7b,
> If yes, has anything stopped you from submitting more articles?
> {CB}  Lack of interest in my previous articles (no ratings/no comments)
> {CB}  Not enough time
> {CB}  Lack of recognition/award
> {CB}  I don't know what else to write about

Great options (especially the first one).

> (On another topic .. this "should" be somewhere .. but where?  Doesn't
> really rate its own  FAQ and there aren't any existing FAQs (yet)
> that this
> would fit into.  How about a link off leo?  Other suggestions??)

Are you asking "Where should #evolt be promoted?" Umm, perhaps a page on LEO
and linked to from above the black tab? I don't know. It needs to go
somewhere, but it's not really a WEO or LEO specific thing.

I'd make it a link "#evolt chat" next to "Browsers" in the header. As for
the info page, could that actually go on irc.evolt.org? (Note:
http://irc.evolt.org/ currently shows an Apache directory listing, so it
could be replaced with an info page.)

> -1 .. not necessary at this time.  CodeFest is a direct spin-off from
> thesite.  I'd prefer not to separate it in any way.  However, if/when the
> community cat. is created, I'll prepare one article summarizing
> the codefest details on my pages:

We'll save it for future, specifically targetted surveys then.

> btw, what's a guide to hosting/initiating a beervolt??  Not at
> all sure what
> you are suggesting here.  Isn't it rather simple, pick a place,
> date, invite anyone that wants to attend, sit around and get drunk, make
up new gang
> signs? ;)

Yeh, but it'd involve working out who in your area could attend, finding the
best location for everyone, posting the official invite, and then action.

For example, some of those stages might involve an email to thelist or msg
on WEO (in the future Community category) to ascertain interest. Such emails
might have: "[beervolt] location, possible date" as the format so that
people not interested could filter them out. They'd also have a stock footer
that outlines that discussion of location and actual date should occur
offlist or on thechat, or within comments to the Community cat article.

It's simple, but they've been restricted (that I've noticed) to Toronto,
Milwaukee, and London. I think that's because once one has happened in a
particular location, everyone knows the number of people in the area.

I've not known of any/many beervolts in other areas. Have you?

> | general community:
> | are you interested in finding out which evolters live and work near you?
> | are you interested in finding out more about what other evolters are up
> to?
> | (i.e., community news).
> Don't have a problem with these .. but not sure how important they are.

Infinitely more community-specific than source code related questions, IMHO.
Sharing code is great, but I can imagine that many people would love to meet
other evolters who are near them, and know more about them.


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