[Theforum] survey draft 3

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Nov 9 11:39:29 CST 2001

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, isaac wrote:
> in q3, change "equal utilization" to "i use all equally" or "equal usage"
> (trying to avoid US-centric spelling)

> as has been suggested in the past, get q6 out of there. it's a huge jump to
> go from "rate your involvement" to "want to buy our stuff?"...

done, and i think i'm going to pull down to the 'other' section. still
debating whether or not to include this one.. maybe a bit specific.
> www.evolt.org section:
> re q2 - perhaps add option for "i only visit it when the headline mailer
> goes to thelist" (obviously reworded)

how about, "only when visitig from a linked source" or seomthing.. this
would cover both people that only visit from thelist and people that only
visit from other sites(slashdot, phpdeveloper.org, etc)
> lists.evolt.org section:
> q2 needs to apply to each of the lists they've checked. perhaps combine q1
> and q2?

ok, how to do that?

> add a community section. add q's about #evolt, codefests, beervolts (couple
> of vague q's here: http://dev.triplezero.com.au/survey/)

doesn't work in mozilla
> codefest:
> do you know what a codefest is?
> ever participated in one?

i mumbled something about this in another post, but i can count on my
hands how many people have participated.. we need to generalize this and
the irc questions a bit more

thanks for the feedback, still digging through it all..


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