[Theforum] Evolticon (was: Re: Propoganda FAQ....)

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Sat Nov 10 09:43:26 CST 2001

> <cheeky strength="Double">
> The panel agreed on the usage of the adjective "moot" to mean "of no 
> relevance" instead of the original meaning of "open to 
> argument or debate".
> We were talking about the verb "mooted", which, while not 
> commonly use, 
> still holds its meaning. I would, of course, substitute it 
> with a word like 
> "suggested" so that the sentence doesn't sound so "academic".
> </cheeky>

But... But.... Bu....

> OK, this thread has gone on for too long. No more debate. (as 
> much as I 
> love debates on language ;)

Oh, alright. I'll get you next time, Batman.

- amanda

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