[Theforum] New feature suggestions

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Nov 10 15:48:57 CST 2001

Madhu Menon wrote on 10/11/01 10:16 pm

>(not sure if this belongs on thesite or theforum. However, since there 
>seems to be a serious database/cookie/authentication discussion on thesite, 
>I'll post it here ;)

Makes sense - Admin was always a "*what* shall we do?" decision-maker,
with thesite being "*How* shall we do it?"

>A couple of new potential features for evolt.org:
>1) Shouldn't we have a "notify me when a new article is posted" feature for 
>www.evolt.org? Yes, I know it's posted on thelist, but still... It would 
>drive more traffic to the site.

As a member-by-member optin? Sure.

>2) I'd like some way of posting requests for articles on a specific topic. 
>None of us are mindreaders, so we won't have any clue when a significant 
>number of people want an article explaining something like, say, XHTML 
>(example only). A mechanism to post requests for articles would be nice. I 
>see a "Suggestions" category, but that seems to be for site features.

We did try that with AnswerThis a few months back - it didn't
get the response we'd hoped for, so we pulled it.

>Also, this opens up a new avenue for collaboration on articles. If someone 
>says, "I'd like an article on [xyz]", then member A and member B, who are 
>both knowledgeable about [xyz], could co-author the article. A would simply 
>ask B, "hey, want to work on this together?". Two heads are better than 
>one, etc.

I like the co-authorship idea, though. Particularly if you get someone
who can code really, really well (and write a bit) and someone who
can write really, really well (and code a bit or at least understand
the code) to collaborate.


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