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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sat Nov 10 16:18:26 CST 2001

>hey madhu, thanks for all the contributions

That makes my day, thanks. ;)

>man, are you prolific or what

Git around, git around, I git around (doing my best Beach Boys impression)

Indeed, I am rediscovering my love for writing, long repressed by clueless 
tech magazine editors and corporate clients who were  in love with their 
own jargon. Hence, I'm writing long rants on my weblog about annoying Flash 
ads, becoming an Amazon.com lab rat, etc.

Unfortunately, since I no longer manage sites, I have to do something with 
my grey cells, and evolt is the perfect place to unleash the MadhuVirus 
(with apologies to Seth Godin).

You ain't seen the last of me yet! (in evil cartoon villian voice)
Wait till I share my ideas for corporate donation to evolt. Coming soon to 
theforum near you.

>emails, i don't see the point...

I was going to respond to this, but Martin beat me to it and undid the hard 
work I put into those two sentences I wrote :(

>suggestions category is for suggestions, we place no restrictions on what

In which case, shall we feature it a little more prominently on the home 
ala a link saying "Suggest an article" ?

>my personal opinion is that the problem is not in how to communicate the
>desire for the article, but in motivating potential authors to write it --
>and the best vehicle for this, again speaking just for myself, is comments
>on thelist

Comments are great for getting feedback for a related article, but 
inadequate for unexplored topics. If Martin writes an article on something 
using Perl, and someone wants to know how to optimise images for the Web, 
he probably wouldn't post it as a comment.

>even though co-authoring presents a minor problem (at the moment only one
>author is associated with each article) this is still a good idea...

Ah, this was going to be my next question. You're the grand ol' man of 
databases. You'll think of something.

>... although we're back to figuring out how to motivate...

I'll put my thinking cap back on and see if something comes up. A bed 
beckons right now. ;)

(who's just found a new New Yorker Canadian email friend through his weblog)

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