[Theforum] Evolt finances

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Nov 10 18:14:44 CST 2001

Daniel J. Cody wrote on 7/11/01 5:12 pm

>ok, what else do you want to know about?


* What hardware do we have, and how did we
  pay for it.

* How much did we pay for our licenses, and how were
   they funded ("private donor" could be enough for that).

* What's the cost of the bandwidth we use, and how are
  we paying for that (if only to discover how much of a
  debt of thanks we owe to Starkmedia).

* How much of the above was donated in cash (which
  we spent on the things in question), and how much
  in kind (ie "Joe Donor transferred 2 CF5 server
  licenses to us, covering weo & meo").

* When each of the above arrived (so we can handle
  depreciation and ultimately replace them without
  having to fundraise each time).

In other words, an asset audit and tracking of
regular outgoings.

Doesn't need to be now, but will be needed before
the NFP kicks in as part of basic financial management.

Treasurer is not an easy job...


>On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Erika Meyer wrote:
>> Yes, it's too vague.
>> Erika
>> >On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, spinhead wrote:
>> >  > Is financial information (what's spent monthly, and where it comes 
>> >>  available? Just curious how much of a hole there is (with a view to 
>> >>  it be filled?')
>> >
>> >sure, just ask. currently we don't really spend money on anything.. if we
>> >do, its usually picked up by someone privately. if thats too vague, lemme
>> >know :)

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