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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Mon Nov 19 13:26:27 CST 2001

At 12:41 AM 11/20/2001, Olly Hodgson opined:
>I pointed out that his site didnt work properly in Netscape 4 and he went
>off on a mad rant about how people who use Netscape deserve to view a crap
>page because Netscape is sh1t etc. I had to point out to him that some

Oh well, that's to be expected from someone just starting out. Many people 
are like that in the beginning and they hopefully learn otherwise along the 

And yes, I do believe that we've had a few of these discussions on thelist 
too, but gentle admonishment from wiser list members has proven fairly 
effective in tempering the wild rages of the young 'uns ;)

>I managed to talk him around, but if I was to try that somewhere like Yahoo
>Chat it would be a different story. The web design rooms seem to be
>dominated by 14yr olds who use big text, shout their opinions at everybody,
>and shout abuse if you dare to disagree.

Now, that's different. We are, fortunately, not a bunch of clueless 14 year 
olds (not that all of them are). The reason that conversation gets so out 
of hand is that most of the people there are clueless. I'm merely pointing 
out that in our case, *most* members are wiser, and this majority helps 
preserve sanity on thelist.

Yes, a few people will come and rant, but we can either calm them down or 
ignore them. It all depends upon how we manage the list (*cough*, *cough*) 
- authoritarian style or "gentle guide" style. ;)


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