[Theforum] Inviting other people

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 19 13:50:21 CST 2001

not that we need a lot more to lessen our focus right now, but +1

we've got feature creep up the ying-yang lately, and a lot of it wasn't
meant to be incorporated into our design as of 2.0.. not anyones fault
btw as someone else said :)

example: with the proposed addition of 'author bio' at the bottom of each
article, there are now *four* sections of stuff underneath the article:

rating, comments, author bio, and a place to add comments. it's all
starting to take away from the article a bit IMO. anyone else remember
that saturday morning info-cartoon(like, I'm a Bill! for explaining the
process of passing laws) that sang a song about, "Don't drown your food,
in ketschup or mayo, or goo.."? the point of it was similar to what i'm
trying to make, in a round about fashion :)

smoothering your hotdog in a lot of mayo sure is good, but after a while,
you forget you're eating a hot dog in the first place.

and not that mayo is bad! :)

again, this may be something we should put on the back burner to discuss
after we get some survey results back..


On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, javier velasco (mantruc) wrote:
> > I believe we should take a fresh look at how the information is
> > organized within the interface, and how to improve the experience for
> > our users. I'm not
> > at all suggesting we completely redesign things again, but rather
> > look at the elements and see if there isn't a better way to organize
> > all that data. Having so many options in the side-bar and below the
> > fold isn't the best solution at this point.
> +1

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