[Theforum] Re: survey feedback

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 26 12:40:29 CST 2001

FYI, this isn't going to be hosted here, nor is that HTML going to be
used, so most of these are moot.. just wanted to let you know :)


On Fri, 23 Nov 2001, aardvark wrote:
> add <label>s to the radio button copy...
> right now the ids are *not* unique... i assume that's simply 
> because it's under development... when it's ready, those need to be 
> unique to use the <label> properly...
> don't do 1.5 as a question number, it's just silly and confusing... 
> especially since you ask two questions in #1, that aren't clearly 
> two questions when you glance at it (thanks to spacing)...
> make #7 a textarea...
> 1a. on page 3 should also be question #2... or at least follow 
> consistent numbering/lettering...
> 5a, see above...
> 6a should at least have a "6a" in front of it, otherwise, see above...
> 7, 7a, 7b, see above above that...
> for the thelists section, does each checkbox need an input box?  
> wouldn't one textarea suffice for all 4?

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