[Theforum] Adding theForum to l.e.o.

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Nov 26 13:29:52 CST 2001

Dan gasped:
> voting never has been figured out for this group. and maybe 
> its just me, but i think we've gotten a lot done in the past 
> month on this list <gasp> without a voting system</gasp>!!

I think every reasonable person can agree that some issues don't need a
vote and others do. If an issue is controversial then it's helpful to
have a voting system to sort things out. If an decision is needed on
something major that will affect the mood, direction, community, etc. of
evolt then it would be good to have a vote to formalize. I think
everyday issues don't need a vote. Issues which everyone seems on board
with don't need a vote.

Isaac and I were having discussions awhile back about voting and what
works and doesn't work. Maybe he and I need to finalize our thoughts and
present them to the group?

Is that okay, Dan?

- amanda

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