[Theforum] Adding theForum to l.e.o.

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon Nov 26 15:13:32 CST 2001

>maybe its me, but i have NFC how the actions of a particularly evil group
>of people relate to this group erika. are you saying:
>if one group of people who are ruthless and terrible don't vote, any group
>that doesn't vote is equally bad?
>at any rate, i think the comparison is completely innapropriate

hopefully the next email cleared that up for you.

I am saying that voting is a form of power-sharing.  And I am saying 
that voting (and other forms of power sharing) is important for the 
good of the general population.

And I'm saying that when few people hold much power, things are more 
efficient... but the end result not always best for everyone.

And when there is no structure at all... things can get chaotic and confusing.

If necessary, I can go into more detail about why I think democracy 
and shared power are good things.  I've tended to assume that we all 
want some form of democratic org, but that assumption may be 

In any case, I don't buy the "they are evil, but we are good" stuff. 
We're all human.  And although there are individual and cultural 
differences, humans tend to behave fairly predictably under certain 
sets of circumstances.


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